Navratri Festival – Fast In A Healthy Way

Fast In A Healthy Way During This Navratri

One of the most popular festivals, Navratri, is on the way, following fasting is one of the most major parts of Navratri. Though Goddess Durga followers keep fast for religious dedication, it also helps them to cleanse their bodies and flushes unwanted calories from the body.

If you want to fast during Navratri or you want to plan to start from this year, this blog is helpful for you. I will let you know the healthy methods of fasting during Navratri so you can get rid of fatigue, depression, and other health issues. Let’s get started.

Fasting during Navratri is an absolute way to cleanse your system, stimulate digestion and enhance positivity. While fasting in Navratri has immense advantages, many of us follow fast incorrectly or a wrong practice which next imbalances our body. Here is a complete convey of how to start fast during Navratri in a method that is beneficial to your body and mind. 

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A conventional way of Navratri fasting diet list

A traditional Navratri fasting diet plan stimulates our digestive fire. It can be an amalgamation of the below food ingredients:

  • Buckwheat (Kuttu) bread or roti, fasting rice, dosa made from fasting rice; recipes made from sago (Vada, Kheer, Khichdi), chestnut (singhara) flour, rajgira, boiled sweet potatoes chats, etc.
  • Desi cow ghee is made from the traditional hand-churned bilona methods, milk, and buttermilk. All these have a calming effect on the body. Real desi ghee is a magical ingredient that you can add to your recipes to enhance flavors and is enriched with nutrition.
  • Yogurt paired with bottle gourd and pumpkin veggies.
  • Lots of fluids to maintain hydration – coconut water, fruit extracts, vegetable purees, etc. Apart from that offering energy, to avoid dehydration and remove out the toxins accumulated during fasting.
  • salad made up of fruits like papaya, pear, and apple.

Healthy ways to start Navratri fasting 

Navaratri, a 9-day festival dedicated to the Durga goddess. Hindus in India celebrated the various forms of Shakti as devotion to Nav- Durga. On this precious occasion, devotees follow the vrat and fast. Besides religious facts, people also do fasting to aid detoxification, weight loss benefits your body.  Due to seasonal changes, our body’s immune system is weak and susceptible to healthy diseases. As Navratri comes these times, it is advisable to intake ‘ Sattvik’ food items that keep the digestion on track.

Healthy Fasting Tips

Don’t Over-consume on fried snacks

Fasting, for many folks, includes infusing oily snacks for the entire day. If you too rave on an excessive portion of non-organic snacks, you are on board for the more unhealthy option to your body. As fried snacks contain high in salt, based too much on flavors, so these snacks neglect your aim of fasting. Consume these items in the proper amounts and neglect ready-made fried foods. 

Stay hydrated

When you are on fast then you must keep yourself hydrated. A good amount of water, low-fat milk, veggies or salad, and fruit sap are a few of the methods to keep yourself hydrated and support an adequate quantity of body liquid level and salt. You can also prefer healthy cold Pressed juices using vegetables and fruits loaded with vitamin A, B, and C. Use a juicer replacement of a traditional mixer to result in vital supplements and intake a glass of healthy juice.

Avoid hunger pangs by adding desi ghee

While some people are addicted to snacks and fruits even when they are fasting, many folks starve to death. The thumb rule is to prevent fasting for too long a period. If you want to detoxify your system, eat desi cow ghee as it is a super smoothie for flushing out the toxins from the body. 

Ghee is a natural healthy origin of healthy nutrients, fat-soluble supplements, and saturated good fats. Pure ghee has also been useful in weight loss, so anyone who wishes to maintain a healthy diet plan without missing out on good fats should prefer the organic grass-fed cow ghee. Ghee is recognized to be a natural medicine from an ancient time also, offers beauty, and panchakarma benefits. 

So there is a query about which grass-fed ghee should be induced in food and I will suggest you order pure desi real ghee direct from Suresh farm. So you search our online store.

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Consume fiber-enriched foods

Include foods in your Navratri menu which are abundantly loaded with fiber. Also staples a lot of green veggies for example sweet potato, raw banana, bottle gourd, and pumpkin to your diet list.  It will help you to fully support and satiate your hunger pangs. The cause is fiber intake needs a long time to digest, thereby it is useful to feel full for a prolonged period and also diminish your hunger.

Boost your energy levels

When you are on fast and maybe there is a feeling low and suffering a lack of energy is quite ordinary during Navratri days. To establish your energy levels well, you have to consume energy-rich foods. Include the list of foods that are packed with protein and carbs to sustain your energy levels.

Plan your food intake on day basis

A sudden conversion in your routine diet can have an effect on your body and mind, which allows it essential to check out your meal plan. Assure that you should intake a major nutrition-enriched diet before sunset which is replaced with grains and less oily. Check the planning of your diets and snacking healthy will keep your energy level high and healthy.

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Avoid excess sugar intake

We are prone to consume extra sugar in Navratri, as many sweets are offered these days. However, too much sugar consumption can be hazardous to your body. Refined sugar doesn’t have any nutritional content and is accumulated as empty calories. Navratri is the best time to take relief from refined sugar. Use jaggery or honey to satiate your hunger for sugar.

Following a conventional Navratri food, is also recommended to:

  • Prefer rock salt alternatives to common salt.
  • Allow desi cow ghee for healthy cooking recipes like roasting, sauteing, and baking.
  • Follow a strictly vegetarian diet plan.
  • For the first few days avoid grains consumption.
  • Ignore excess intake of fried and heavy food.
  • Don’t use onion and garlic.


Is Sufficient Sleep Crucial During Fasting?

In any fasting routine, the body undergoes certain detoxification and necessitates some ample rest. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that you get 7-8 hours of sleep daily. Incorporate relaxation strategies and engage in mindful meditation exercises to productively detoxify your body during such fasting periods.

Is it Important to Avoid Overexertion While Fasting?

It is important to avoid excess pressure on your body during the time of a 9-day fasting period. The certain combination of celebrations and fasting can become draining. Restrain from prolonged hunger, and make sure that you consume snacks to provide your body with the necessary energy. Strike a balance to resist the overexertion.

Is it Essential to Steer Clear of Greasy Food While Fasting?

It is suggested to resist greasy food during the fasting season. Although they could be tempting, these foods mostly consist of unhealthy ingredients being deficient in nutritional value and can contribute to a bloated feeling. Choose certain fruit chaat as a healthier substitute to deep-fried namkeen to satisfy your cravings.

Is it Essential to Include Fiber-Rich Foods in Your Diet?

In any fasting period, implementing fiber-rich foods is imperative. These items take longer to digest, delivering a prolonged feeling of fullness and effectively managing cravings. Optimal fiber consistency can be received from vegetables that is pumpkin, colocasia root (arbi), bananas, and even potatoes!


Eating nutritional and balanced food during a fast period can help in enhancing digestion, elevating energy, and avoiding the risk of diseases. You can cherish a heavy lunch, but make sure that your dinner should be very light. When pure ghee is obtained from grass-fed cows, it offers an optimal range of benefits and offers a tolerance of lactose and casein quantity. It contains immense cooking benefits over butter or any refined oils and is recommendable if you have a dairy sensitivity. Grass-fed pure desi ghee has a highly supreme place as it infuses nutritious and luscious methods for any paleo dieter. You want to buy a healthy desi cow ghee then order it from our website: